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Beauty&Vitamin injection course menu

Placenta injection ¥1,200(not included tax)

Selected placenta extracts have been used as a pharmaceutical product,
intended as a remedy and a nutritional supplement for liver dysfunction,
menopause, etc.
The effectiveness of placenta injection has recently attracted attention in the Health and Beauty Business.

Beautiful and whiteful skin injection ¥4,500(not included tax)

It contains Vitamin C having high whitening effect and healing inflammation of the skin, biotin affecting collagen generation and the chondroitin for firmness and moisture of the skin.It is recommended for the skin trouble like after sunburn.
In addition, the biotin is recommended for a person worried about hair loss, white hair.

Recovery from fatigue injection ¥3,500(not included tax)

Vitamin B and Vitamin C acting for fatigue recovery, combined with other ingredients for detox and metabolism action.
Vitamin B1 (Alinamin) is included, and it works for revitalize of the body.

Diet injection ¥4,000(not included tax)

Mixed the α lipoic acid for the improvement of glucose metabolism and L-carnitine for fat combustion, it support diet more effective. Also it works for prevention from the rust of the body (it causes various disease and aging), because of the strong antioxidant action by the α lipoic acid.

Anti-aging injection ¥8,000(not included tax)

In addition to a placenta, it contains various vitamins, biotin and chondroitin and other ingredients working for keeping firmness and moisture of the skin. It also prevents or ameliorates wrinkles, dry skin, tanned skin and aged skin.

*Only the first visit for the first shot, it costs additional ¥2160 for consultation. It doesn’t charged from next visit.